Gold Cheats in Treasure Defense Android

Treasure Defense is like a tower defense game where you will be tasked to defend the legendary Atlantis from warrior invasion that you can play mainly on android devices.

treasure defense hd walkthrough ios android

To protect your area, you must build different defensive towers so that you will not let the enemies get your beautiful city.

You must also manage your city and turn it into a fortress placing defensive towers at key points.
The main purpose is not to let the enemy get to the treasure and plunder it.

Once having more progresses, you must upgrade your towers to effectively confront the enemy.
You can also ask for help form the ancient gods namely Poseidon, Hades, and Volcano so that you will have devastating spells that you can use in critical situations.

Besides, you must also protect your gems from enemies invasion while building the appropriate kind of tower on the corresponding color.
Meanwhile, you can also get gold by killing enemies or by picking up coins along the way.

Later on, you will also be assigned to explore new area by foresting and logging
You can log in forest for trees that you can use to build towers.
To do that, just tap the trees then the logging button then get those trees in a available space to build a tower.

Afterward, you must also upgrade towers once you have got experience points
Every time, the tower attack enemies, it will gain experience points

On the other side, you can also build any kind of tower on a hex in which towers are built on a hex to get 20% greater range.
So, you must build your towers to use the advantages of the terrain.

For further, you can also capture buildings for the instant reward or to weaken the enemy in this game.
Note that, logging on the buildings will lose a shield then when all shields have been eliminated, you can now capture the building to collect more resources.


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