Gold Cheats in The Last War iPhone

Big Kraken is bringing you to fight off the zombie invasion as a deadly virus codenamed “Himalaya” has wiped out most of humanity, as the survivor, you will construct the ultimate safe haven and hidden bases in this strategy and city management game.

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Throughout the game, you will be able to collect your daily bonus in which all you will do is to log in and play the game every day
But if you miss a day, the bonuses reset back to day 1, which means you will only get the smaller stuff.
Here, you can take a chance and spin the wheel to see what you get.
Also, you can also spend gold if you want to spin it more than once.

On the other side, you will be able to find the secret bonus inside a the box with the star symbol on it.
At this point, these will start out with roughly about 10-20 minute timers and after the time is up, you will be able to open them to get a random gift.
Then, if you level up, the timers will increase as well.

Along the game, you can also power up your champions which are affected by few factors determining a champion’s overall strength

The first is your leadership value that determines how many troops you can bring with you into battle.
Here, you can also manually increase this amount by spending a Smart Chip
And, this value will increase when the champion starts to level up.

The second is skills which are abilities that you can activate them automatically during battle.
At this point, your champion has an allotted skill point amount
Later on, learning a new skill will require a certain amount of skill points whereby you need to get skill books in order to learn your new skills.
Your talents are also passive abilities that will affect your units under the champion’s command.
Having these abilities will increase your base values, like attack damage, accuracy, and more.

Furthermore, when exploring each area, your troops will sometimes get hurt during battles period.
And, if they get injured, you can simply go back to your base and heal up at the barracks.
You can do this as continuing to fight with injured units will eventually lead to their deaths and it will be highly recommended to heal up as often as you can.

On the other side, in order to protect your resources, you must upgrade your storage facility
In line with this, when you play this game for the first time, you will have protection from other players, but once it runs out, you are open to be raided by other players.
However, if they are getting through your fortress, they will steal your resources
And, if you get your headquarters up to level 5, you can build a storage facility that will protect a certain amount of your resources
Anyways, make sure to level up your storage facility into higher level, so that your resources will always keep in safe condition

In addition, always keep collecting quest rewards in a quest
At this point, you must manually enter the quest screen and collect the rewards by yourself. ]
Make sure you remember when doing this, because you will be completing multiple quests which come to a lot of good rewards awaiting you


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