Gold Cheats in Sick Bricks iPhone

Spin Master will get you to dive into the action-packed world of Sick Bricks, a light-hearted hack and slash action game
In this game, you will take a role as Jack Justice, a super slick hero which will fight against Overlord Omega trying to take over the city and it is the time to bring Sick City back to its former glory

sick brick walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, you will have to find random object lying around and tap them to destroy, as they drop valuable bricks that you can use to restore buildings throughout Sick City
So just grab them all

Once completing the mission, you break the police barricades with Officer Kuffowitz’s car, so that his car will be parked towards the east of the plaza near him.
When seeing this, just tap it to drive
Here, you will be given 20 seconds only, so you must run over as many objects or enemies as you can for having some easy money, blocks, and experience.

When dealing with traps, you have to dodge them and using the dash will be useful for dodging enemy attacks.

You can also use this technique on melee attackers, and this will also be very helpful for dodging ranged attacks.

As you can see that some ranged attacks are slow moving lasers, that will provide you enough time to move out of the way
And, if you do not move in time, you can use your dash.

Besides, you can also use your special move often that you can activate by performing a special tap or swipe.
Using these moves will be often hard-hitters, that can take out an enemy at one time.
After using them, they will need to be recharged before they can be used again.
Thus, make sure to use this when you really need to beat some enemies standing in your way

On the other side, be sure to stick with a character that has a ranged attack as they can attack a target while moving

In line with this, you can stick to Katie Kantmiss during the beginning of the game.
Later on, you can try to stick to Alex Awesome who also has a ranged attack, but it is a short range laser.

At this point, Katie can shoot long range arrows, so you can always be safe along the way.
Moreover, her special move will also be handy to clear out a bunch of enemies.
Anyway, you can stay locked onto a target while you are moving
For such reasons, if you are currently attacking an enemy approaching you, you can try to backpedal to avoid damage while dishing it out in the mean time.

In addition, while beating enemies, you can also gather up some gold which is the premium currency of this game
Every time, you can win each battle, you will be rewarded with gold


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