Gold Cheats in Masters of the Masks iPhone

In Masters of the Masks, a new RPG from Square Enix, you will be able to equip a wide range of masks, weapons and armor

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Here, you will have to accomplish the main goal that is to fight your way through a bunch of enemies in each stage, while collecting masks, silver and gold, the main currencies of this game.

Early on this game, the battle stages will start off easy, but they will get fairly tough after going through some stages.

On the other side, you will also be able to boost stats by crafting new equipment, or by creating or merging masks.
Also, you will need some ingredients that you can get with gold or you can find them in each stages
To get them more, you can replay the old stages that you have already beaten when you know that they have the right rewards
There, you can build up your stash of materials until you have what you need for some crafting the ingredients.

Meanwhile, you can simply grind until you gain enough experience points for a few level ups.
Every time your heroes gain a level they will gain a stat boost without having to mess with their equipment.
Anyway, every time you can win the battle, you will be rewarded with some gold coins.

After going through some battles, you can complete all of the achievements listed in the achievement menu
At this point, when you see the numbers next to an icon that looks like a gold medal, just go to the achievements menu to gather up your reward for the ones that have been completed before.
From here, you can get free gold in this game

Before going to the battlefield, be sure to put your your most powerful, highest-level character with the highest stats as leader card.
Also, just try to select the same qualifications when choosing which leader to take into battle
At this phase, you can pick the strongest, highest-leveled one with the most powerful statistics.

In addition, when battle with enemies, you can get significant elemental advantages from using the right weapons and armor.
Be sure to learn the elemental first

Fire beats life
Life beats rock
Rock beats water
Water beats fire

After knowing the elements, you can try to match up properly against your opponents in the battlefield. Sometimes, you will need silver that you can do by selling any old equipment that you do not need anymore
Every time you go through the battles, you will often get some items for your collections
Here, you can collect items as much as you want that you can exchange for silver
Besides, you can also earn gold when you get your victory in the battle then you can use them to craft some ingredients for your heroes


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