Gold Cheats in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 iPhone

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 by Marvel Entertainment has now been available on the apple store and android markets worldwide

Here, you can play with the new superheroes as well as Coulson along with a bunch of missions to accomplish

marvel avengers alliance 2 walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will have to get victory in all battles to get gold to unlock unlocking all heroes for your squad.

Gold here is the premium currency of this game which you can get by completing missions and winning each battle in every stage

This gold will really be useful to using on getting Superior Power Cells which will add new heroes to your roster
Then, you can use all your gold on Scouting mission refreshes.

Early on the game, you will have to play in seven days, then you are allowed to pick a free hero for your team.
At this point, make sure to pick hero that would really boost your setup
And, select hero with an element you do not have in your team

In the mean time, you will have to learn which classes have advantages over others
At that occasion, make sure to bring heroes coming with an advantage over your opponents

For further, you may have too level up your heroes with energy
When doing so, always watch on your XP meters and get your task rewards when leveling them up
Each time, you level them up, your energy replenishes
It means that if you level them up when you have full on energy, you are just wasting it.

Except gold, you will need to get silver that you can get from your friends
Plus, having more friends will allow you to access and hire great heroes that will help you a lot in battle in the game

On the other side, you will also be able to gain extra experience for your heroes with the ISO compounds
According to this thing, you can find that ISO compounds during battles

Once getting them, use them based on element to get the biggest XP gain which will be handy to level up your heroes

When performing your action, every hero has the active skills that you can unlock during the gameplay
Always consider to upgrade those active skill which will be useful to help your team.
That skill may be good on its own, and the other ones may be better overall since they give a big boost to your teammates

Besides, they will also provide you massive bonuses overall.
Thus, just take a look at the big picture when selecting the active skills of your Heroes as they have their own functions.

When battling with enemies, you can use free attacks which may be extremely useful
You can apply this when fighting against the Hydra and all the villains in the game

During in the battle, consider to attack the enemy members that you can destroy in a fast time
In accordance with this, focus on one enemy at a time and completely destroy them before moving to a new one
Here, you can use AoE attacks, then if you deal with boss, try to destroy the other troops coming along with them
It is caused by if you focus on their troop from the start, you will get extra damage from their minions
Afterward, you must focus on the boss as they usually have a ton of health


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