Gold Cheats in Legacy Quest iOS

If you follow the previous page telling about Legacy Quest from Nexon, it is categorized into a hack’n’slash action RPG for the ios and android phones.

legacy quest basic guides ios android

Here, all you will do is to craft weapons and armor, learn basic skills, then go to explore some dungeons to beat all standing creature while finding loot there

Each time, you fight against enemies, make sure to often dodge by tapping the little loopy arrow in which this will also make your hero roll quickly in the direction they are facing.

Always consider to use this to save you from unnecessary damage taken from enemies.
When dealing with bosses, they will do area attacks indicated with an orange glow showing you where the attack will hit.
If you see this sign, go hurry to get out of the way

On the other side, you must utilize your skills to get through the dungeon fast
Your first skill is whirlwind, that is an area attack around your hero

In line with this skill, make sure to position yourself in the middle of big groups to get the most of this skill.
Later on, just learn all your skills and use them to deal with large of enemies in the dungeons

In this game, you will also need to get three stars on a dungeon and gain a high score by keeping up your big combo

Each time, you beat an enemy, a score multiplier will pop up at the top of the screen.
If you see a blue bar to pop up below it, make sure to beat enemy before the bar disappears so that it will increase your combo multiplier by one, which means more points
Always try to clear a room out by beating all enemies, then start moving towards the next one.

Meanwhile, you will get two hand slots which are main hand and offhand in the equipment screen
In line with this, always check your DPS or damage per second
Always consider to make it higher so that you can equip a weapon in both your main hand and offhand.

For further in the game, you will find your favorite class where you can consider to stick to one talent tree.

As you may have known that, you will learn three talent trees, in which each of them is suited for one of the three different classes.
Thus, pick the talent tree corresponding to hero`s class you like the most.
As an illustration, if you are playing as the warrior, try to develop the path of power

As usual, this game will feature the currencies in form of skulls and gold
In order to get them, make sure to complete the daily quests which will be five daily quests per day
After collecting them, you can use them to get an inventory expansion, premium items, and more valuable items


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