Gold Cheats in Hugo Troll iPhone

Hugo Games with Hugo Troll, a train dodging game will take you to drive your little train in trail rail where you have to jump, dodge and tilt to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains along the way

hugo troll walkthrough ios android

To play this game, all you will do is to swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck and tilt to run on two wheels while collecting coins in front of you

While having to stay on track, you will have to escape the evil witch Scylla and her henchmen, Don Croco and Mexi Croco and you will be rewarded with huge scores and life-changing achievements

You will also be equipped with some utilities that will help you along the game
A McTroll T1 boost will turn your trolley into a sport car where you can drive along the tracks at
high speed.
Upgrading McTroll T1 will give you more boosts that you can use per game.

You can also use The TrollCopter any-time you want but only once per game.
Start Rocket and Super Start Rocket will give you a head start early on of a race.

Wearing helmet will give you an extra life, in which it will also protect you even from direct collisions with trains but it breaks after one hit.

Battery will be handy to regenerate your energy so be sure to use it if you run out of energy
Also, be sure to upgrade your surfboard to slow down speed in Surfer’s Cove for an easier ride

Along the way, you can also gather up a Jump Wheel icon when playing and jump over any obstacle.
Upgrading these Jump Wheels will help you last longer on track.

Using Gold Magnet will enable the magnet pickup, so that you can collect coins from a distance.
You can upgrade it further to increase the time that will make the magnet stay active.
In order to get more gold, you can improve Gold Sacks

Using the troll juice pickup regains your energy.
Using Iron Hammer will deliver more damage when you deal with more enemies

With Philosopher’s Stone, you will get a 50% bonus on all the gold you collect in the mysterious artifact.

Holy Grail is the most sacred of all treasure in that it is a kind of the perfect troll juice container
Anyway, using it will halve your energy usage, which will give you much more time between pit stops in the game.


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