Gold Cheats in Haunted Empire Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms Android

As you know that Haunted Empire: Ghosts of the Three Kingdoms can be categorized into a new card battling designed specifically for the iOS and Android platforms.

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This game is set in the traditional journey through the Three Kingdoms of China, where you will get a massive range of customizations and upgrades that you can do along the way.

Along the game, you will be able to find weapons and other equipment after each battle
But, finding the upgrades will be more important than the equipment.
Each equipment can be upgraded as high as your current character level.

In this game, the battles will take a long time to complete, but you can speed it up to finish them.
At this point, you can change 1x to 2x to do this.
For any battle that you have completed, you will be able to choose to sweep the battle up to 10 times to finish it fast.
Once doing this, you will still get all of the same rewards there.

On the other side, you will be able to unlock new spaces in your formation by gaining experience levels
To get exp level, you must complete the individual quest.
Here, you will get a chance to unlock new generals if you can complete new battle stages
And, until you have gain the proper character experience level, you cannot add them into your formation without getting another general out.

Later on, you will also get some different gameplay functions that you can unlock and play for fun and for bigger reward.
In order to unlock them is to gain character experience levels.

Then, you can do things such as disenchant equipment, evolve your hero, and go into the gold mine so that you can find more gold, the premium currency in this game.

In addition, to level up your heroes, you will need more experience points
For such reasons, you can play a dungeon or a battle that you have already beaten before and get through it as fast as you can
In the mean time, you can tap the skip button, appearing in the lower right corner of the screen as soon as you start the battle.
Doing this will be another very quick way to gain experience points and more rewards without having to watch every battle along the game.


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