Gold Cheats in Empires and Allies iPhone

Zynga has presented Empires & Allies with new formula designed specifically for mobile platforms, in which this game is a kind of a real strategy containing a number of familiar elements common to other build and battle titles.

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Along the game, you will have to build a base with various structures that can be upgraded.
You will also command a variety of different unit types then go to invade the other`s base for victory and gold, the premium currency of this game.

At the beginning of the game, you manage two basic resources fuel and supplies.
Oil Derrick will supply Fuel and store in the Fuel Stockpile
Then, you can get Supplies at the Supply Drop and it is also stored in the Supply Stockpile.

You can use Supplies to build and upgrade structures and defenses.
Later on, you will need more storage over production as well as gathering more Fuel and Supplies through single-player around the map

To get the most protections, you must take the first priority on building and defense then upgrade them On the other side, you will not need to build different kinds of structures to have a mixed fighting force.

In order to build base defense, be sure to mix weapons, as your enemies will not be coming at you with only one troop type.
All defenses will come along with their purposes, but the Domed Defense and Rally Flag will be handy as they are customizable provided you are of a high enough level

Here, the Dome can house a Sentry Gun, Laser or Aerial Defense
And, the Rally Flag can eventually set patrols for six different unit types.

When starting to attack the enemies, you will play a much more active role in how and what your forces attack in this game.
Always see the strengths and weaknesses of your units vs. the defenses of the enemy`s base you are attacking and your plan and timing are the main key here.

You will also need The Troop Tarmac to produce any of the units, and you will want to have the maximum amount for your level built at all times
In line with this, you can field a variety of units when you launch attacks.
Also, be sure to upgrade a Troop tarmac to hold more of any given unit at one time.

Gold is the premium currency of this game that you can get for free every time you have go your victory when battling with enemies
With this gold, you can rush all your troop production at a Troop tarmac
Also, you can use gold to speed up upgrading process of your buildings and purchase an additional engineer for 750 gold.

Upgrading your base to level 4 will gain the ability to start placing troops one at a time instead of as entire squads.
When being in this level, you can start attacking bases for the first time, as you will have a chance to test tactics without committing a whole squad at a time.
To switch between squad and single unit deployment, tap on your base and then tap on the helicopter icon appearing on the menu at the bottom of the screen.

During in the combat tie, you can use command points to activate the flare, which costs just one point and signals a specific target for your troops to attack.
Also, unlock the other abilities such as air support attacks, heals and buffs.
Anyway, for each enemy building you destroy will give you Command Points

When going to attack the other territories on the world map, try to find the areas you have already cleared but are in danger of falling back into enemy hands.
You can see this marked in an exclamation point and a timer telling you how quickly you need to act before you lose the stars associated with that region.

In the mean time, you must also consider constructing the Alliance Building.
You can also fight together with your allies
Within an Alliance, you can help speed up each your friends upgrades, send resources and special Alliance loot.


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