Gold Cheats in Crime Coast Gangster`s Paradise iPhone

Pixel Squad will allow you to build a crime empire from the ground up, that you can find in Crime Coast Gangster`s Paradise designed for ios and android platforms

crime coast gangsters paradise walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will have to build and upgrade your buildings
Always upgrade your storage to supply more loot, then move to your defensive towers.
Also, try to upgrade the mansion when you have most of your other buildings maxed out already

To protect your structures, you can also put trap on strategic locations
You can place traps on roads and around defensive towers to increase their protection.

During in your building process, build as many rooms as possible
Do not surround everything by a big wall as the enemy only needs to break one to get in.
Otherwise, just try to build more chambers and split your defenses in each of them.
In line with this, if your enemies go through a series of walls before getting to your defenses or your resources, you can put some off them and get your victory at ease.

Focus on the bases that you visit as they are nicely built that you want to replicate.
You can also replicate a specific type of base.

Once making progresses through the game, you can build your Club then join a Mafia or clan in the game.
Taking part in such clan will be helpful as you can get back up troops to help you in combat, so that you will get a chance to get your victory easily

On the other side, always try to keep the research going to upgrade your troops and stay up to date with the growing defenses of your enemies as well.
As initial step, you can start with the troops that you use most in the battle, but make sure to have them all researched and upgraded as your strategies may change as you grow stronger.

When it is about to raid the enemies, be sure to focus on the biggest resource gains as those resources will be really needed to keep upgrading your base.

Later on, selecting and unlocking the right Henchman will be vital when you are about to do the Campaign missions as this will give you an access to new and better troops.
Just check them all out and decide which is the best for you in different situations

In addition, gold is the premium currency of this game that you can get with any other ways
For such reasons, always try to win the battle that will grant you a bunch of gold as rewards
Also, you can complete each mission successfully to get that currency that you can use for useful thing sin this game


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