Gold Cheats in Contract Killer Sniper iPhone

Few days ago, Glu game gave the preview of its new game in the Contract Killer series that is Contract Killer: Sniper, fps game.

contract killer sniper strategy guides ios android

During in your mission, make sure to always cover behind anything near you
Here, if you stay behind cover, you will receive less damage than being out in the air.
Be sure to tap the button and get behind cover after shooting

You will go through some missions that will get you to eliminate a specific person
In line with this, you have to complete a mission with a single shot if you can.
At the same time, make sure to check out all the guards to see their level and decide the order in which to take them out first.

When you intend to shoot your enemies in the right order, make sure to go for the most difficult first, as they can cause you most damage.
You will deal with special forces and above, or higher level players, these are the ones you should start firing upon and take out most of their health with a well placed head shot.
At this point, when you get a ton of enemies in an area, try to take out the easy ones to reduce the number then focus on the more difficult ones.

Try to take head shots for best damage and minimum ammo
At this phase, just try and get headshots, as they give you more damage and therefore get you rid of enemies faster.

After going through some missions, you should upgrade your base
According to this line, you can spend those diamonds on weapon upgrades as soon as you have them
But, you should instead focus on upgrading your base as your top priority.

On the other side, having a better defended base reduces the risk of you actually losing diamonds and it also gives you more storage and production, that you can use for all those sweet weapon upgrades.
Just concentrate on base upgrades at first and ignore all other missions.

Early on, it will be better to go to important element: PvP battles.
Taking part in this battle, you will be able to earn diamonds from winning these levels
For such reasons, just focus on them at first and get enough to upgrade your base first, then move on to upgrade the weapons
Afterwards, you can simply cruise through the missions with a top weapon.

Once upgrading your weapons, you have to upgrade your base as much as possible, then start working on those weapons
in accordance with this line, you can either use regular money or diamonds earned from PvP battles, then you should start upgrading the base ones for better damage and stats and overall easier missions.

The developer of this game will give you a chance to earn some freebies by simply watching a video available on the free offers.
Completing this will earn you free weapon upgrades or extra items which are extremely helpful.

In addition, you can also use melee weapons that is the knives
Using these knives will help you take out enemies without alerting the guards
However, you can take them out with a single shot.

Thus, just use your knives wisely and target one or the most difficult to take out guard with with a knife strike
Moreover, doing this will earn you premium currency as well.


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