Gold Cheats in Chicken Scramble Android

Chicken Scramble has offere a brand new match three game, where this game comes along with a twist and a great challenge, adding some great new features and mechanics.

chicken scramble strategy guides ios android

Your main objective in this game is to try getting three star ratings on all levels
At the same time, you can also manage anything to get past the really difficult ones

At the first start, you are able to get access to all the goodies in which all you will have to do is simply to connect your game with your Facebook account
Moreover, doing so will earn you 35 coins that you can use to purchase power-ups, and they will also be extremely handy for later levels

During the game, your lives are really important here
Usually, when you run out of lives, you quit the game
In order to get back your life, you can do lapse time tricks
In line with this, just go to your device’s settings, then set the time forward by 60 minutes.
Afterward, you can go back to the game and you should have a new set of extra lives waiting for you

Later on, you will have to create a bunch of matches near the hay in which you should remove it first
Therefore, try to focus on doing that as soon as possible as that hay just stands there in the way and blocks your way, and it will be difficult to get the matches that you intend to.

For further, you will also be assigned to get scores as high as possible
At this point, getting the board filled with eggs that you can not match will confuse you
Moreover, since you can only get one of two egg types
For such reasons, you can try to perform a few of these moves, then go on a matching spree to increase your score but especially the chances of beating the level.

In order to get through the next levels and earn more gold coins in this game, everytime you swipe will determine your score
According to this, it will be necessary where you swipe, as it decides the direction of the tiles on the board.
In the mean time, always choose the best move, take your time and think it over, then act.
Sometimes, it will be better not to create a match, but you have to move the board a little bit
And, on other occasions you can create the match in a particular direction.

Pay attention on the special areas to get advantage from them
When going to the flower areas, they will double the amount of chicken that you get if you crate a match on them
Thus, it will be better to use that to your own advantage then just play it as you will only create matches on flower areas.

Gold coins are the main currency of this game in which you will be able to collect them by going through some levels in this game

Once having enough coins, you can then use them to purchase the power-ups
These power-ups are expensive in the game but you have to take your time and keep them for the later stages and make sure you use them if you are 100% sure you can beat that stage.


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