Gold Cheats for More Resources in March of Empires iPhone

Gameloft have recently launched new version of Game of War called March of Empires, a new civilization game designed specifically for ios and android platforms

march of empires basic beginners guides apple watch

This game seems to be a solid strategy game that gives you a potential head start in this first launch played on ios and android, whereby you can be one of the top players fast.

When playing this game in the early level, you should start building everything and use the free speed-ups coming with the low level buildings.

At this point, you can get everything in your kingdom to level 3 before timers go a bit lengthier.
In the mean time, be sure to upgrade your Castle to level 4 then start building more homes, farms and other resource generating buildings

Be sure to those buildings as well as you will really need a constant flow of resources to keep everything running as it is supposed to be.

You will also have to protect your city whereby you will have to build everything in defense buildings
Besides, you will also need solid attack power, build up and max out buildings

Before invading other empires, you must join an alliance first
With more advanced alliance features, you can access to one extremely useful option
Just use the ask for help button to start working on something new

You can start with the Sultan as he has extra squad size that gives you more power into battle by simply having extra numbers.
The King will also a great ides since he has the small boost for marches.

Be sure to always complete quests, adventures and collect resources and maximize them
On the other side, you must also go to your adventures and plan them
Doing this will get you to complete the longer ones
Then, you must come back in time to collect the rewards.

To get more resources, you can try to find the unoccupied resource sites on the map and send your troops there.
Later on, you must also train a lot of troops and start farming for resources.
Also, be sure that you have a strong army at the base to protect your city from enemy`s invasion

After your unit is ready to battle, you can start raiding the other empires for having more resources and gold coins

Gold is the premium currency of this game that you can usually get after completing some quests
Once getting gold, you can use them for anything necessary for your buildings

Meanwhile, focus on the military research as this will help you when you are about to start attacking the other empires.

In this game, you may be able to taste three categories of heroes such as Warfare, Income, Progress each come along with a very large skill tree.
According to this line, you must check out all the skill trees and decide which will be your main focus.

For initial step, you can play with Warfare as it is all about warring and having the better bonuses that will help you get more victories and resources.

In addition, this game will get you to collect resources and gold as the top priority of your activity
And, collecting them will get you to raid other empires that produce more resources

But, sometimes, they are tough than yours, so you must have offensive units and join alliance to invade the other empires together
With this method, you can harvest gold and resources at a time


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