Gold Cheats AlphaBetty Saga iPhone

King has presented AlphaBetty Saga on the ios and android platforms in which this game is a unique puzzle game where you will simply match tiles containing the letters to form words for high score

alphabetty saga walkthrough ios android

To make certain words on the board, if you can make longer words, you will get more points
So, just take your time and plan out your words

To complete the level, you will be able to use the shuffler
You can use it for free if you charge it up beforehand.

If you use it, any kind of word match will fill up the icon meter that will make longer words fill it up more
Moreover, when it is maxed out you can use it for free before it needs to be charged again.

Using this shuffler will be extremely useful when you have a dead zone, where there are a lot of bad letters, like a bunch of U’s, O’s, or Z’s or anything else.
It will shuffle the whole board though, so always remember not to accidentally remove a potential word.

In the way of making a purple letter beam, you can learn early on that words with five or more letters.
When that letter is activated, it will shoot out a beam that destroys letters.
Thus, if you use more letters to create the letter beam, it will cover more directions.

For further, you will go into the levels where you need to bring cheese tiles all the way down to the bottom of the board.
According to this, the cheese will be sectioned off in an area that you cannot reach.

To bring these cheeses down, you can try to use crowned letters.
When making a word with four and only four letters, you will get a random letter on the board received a crown.

On the other side, making a word with the crowned letter will automatically destroy the tile directly below one of the cheeses.
But making a word with five or more letters will not crown a letter

Along the game, you will be given with few moves only
At the end of a level, you will see that your remaining number of moves will turn random tiles on the board into letter beams.
This circumstance will be needed to get all three stars on the level
For such reasons, you must plan out your moves well

In addition, you will often see a blank tile on the board called wild cards
These cards will take the place of any letter.

In line with this, if you are missing one letter, you can use that card to overcome this
When trying to think of a word, just try throwing in a wild card at any section of the word in which it may give you a clue to make long words that will come to more points and gold as rewards

Always try to make words as long as possible and complete the levels as with high score to get more and more gold as reward since the gold is the premium currency of this game



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