Gold Cheat in OMG!Kingdoms! iPhone

OMG!Kingdoms! is a kind of a fantastic and cute card game where you will be able to gather up cards containing various heroes in Three Kingdoms

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Every hero you will collect has his unique growing and advancing path to make your Three Kingdoms team.
You will be allowed to put at most 6 cards in a battle where some heroes cards will have links that will get you collect the link cards as hint so that you will experience an invincible and unprecedented battle in this game.

Here, you will go through transformation system in which Zhao Yun will transform into a vile master, and Zhuge Liang turned into a cute baby.
At this point, each hero in this game can have his unique transformation, which you can turn them as you like

You can then enhance and reincarnate your hero card and you can also get some EXP hero cards as rewards in the Dungeons.
With these cards, you can then use them to enhance the target hero and upgrade it.
And, if you do not have enough EXP cards, you can still use Hero souls to upgrade your target hero.
After your hero have been enhanced, its stats will be improved to be better.
During these process, hero’s talent system will be activated that can improve the hero‘s combat power greatly.

Except upgrading your heroes, you will also have to enhance and upgrade your equipments too increase its stat
Anyway, doing an upgrade and an enhancement of your equipments will require some coins.
Here, upgrading your equipment will increase and cost more coins. Enhancing equipment costs coins.

On the other side, some of hero cards on the game are famed heroes in the period of Kingdoms.
According to this, every time you collect famed heroes cards, you will improve the affection with them in the Famed Hero System.

Then, if the affection comes to a certain degree, you can upgrade the main character to improve its stat to be better one.
And, if some special famed hero Affection comes to a certain degree, it will improve all heroes‘ Leadership, as well as Power and Wit.

In accordance with famed hero system, you can unlock if after you reach level 20 in this game
Then, you can upgrade the affection with fame heroes that you can do by sending gifts to them or you can pick friendly affairs as interesting effects to improve the relationship in which you can even dance with Zhang Fei in the moonlight
If your relationship level reaches a certain degree, some heroes may confess to you that will trigger some miracles for your hero.

Furthermore, this game increases a special System when battling with opponents
In this battle system, some cards deployed in the field can gather rage points.
And, when the value gets into 4 points or above, you will get a rage skill.

Meanwhile, every hero in this game will have his special slaying skill indicated by a rage icon when casting.
At this phase, the rage skill effects are important in the game as they can cast poison on the opponent.
Also, some of them can burn the opponent, and diminish the opponent 2 rages.
Thus, all you will have to do is to arrange well.

In addition, this game features gold as the premium currency that you can get on the iap store or you can earn it during the battle with enemies
For such reasons, make sure to win each battle with your opponents to earn more of that gold


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