Gold Cash for VIP Class Package in Afterpulse iPhone

Gamevil has just presented their newest thrilling fps generation called Afterpulse on mobile platforms
This game can be said as the next generation of online mobile shooters, especially for iOS.

afterpulse walkthrough ios android

Anyway, playing this game will really test your tapping skill and strategy when it comes to opening crates

When sneaking around the enemies area, do not rush towards the crowded areas as soon as the match starts.

Just wait for a while to learn the situation that will give you the heat of the battle to take out enemies in lower health.

Always check the missions for earning gold, the premium currency of this game
In line with this, you can check out the requirements and try to complete them like trying to stay alive for X minutes or seconds
Be sure to learn what you have to do and focus on achieving those for some easy and quick cash.

When getting involved in the gun battle with enemies, it may sometimes be difficult to move and aim at a time
For such reasons, it is highly recommended that you should learn to move and aim while moving
If you can do it well, you will easily take out enemies when they start shooting

You may sometimes deal with some enemies shooting at the same time
In this situation, just shoot anyone shooting at one another in a crowded area
This will give you assist bonus and you can get a lot of cash by shooting them more

On the other side, using specific weapon based on your style will give you a lot of advantage
Early on the game, you can try using the assault weapons since they do a lot of damage and these kind of weapons have great overall stats, with the only drawback being the relatively small clip size.

To know the spec of each weapon, you can try them all in training mode and see which is the perfect weapon for your particular style

If you want to play support, you can try using the sniper since it comes with high damage, low clip and high stability which will really be useful when you want to take out enemies form long distant

Similar to any fps game either on consoles and mobile, you must master the basic technique that is to reload and take cover

Always reload each time you have a second to breathe, so that you will always have the weapon with full of bullets when dealing with a bunch of enemies at a time

Therefore, just learn to tap the reload button when you have the chance
Besides, find a cover spot will also be important, while shooting from behind cover
However, you can sometimes get cornered there if your position is spotted by some enemies

Moreover, you can also reload while taking a cover, then come back shooting again.
Always move and take a look around, and consider to find a spot to take a cover when needed

After going through some missions and gun combat, be sure to upgrade your weapons with cash or gold you have collected by completing each mission

Just level them up based on stars in which you can use lower star weapons to upgrade higher star ones
Later on, you must focus them you like the most.

Consider to have the primary and secondary weapons which will help with diversity
Then, always upgrade them as said earlier to get better performance during the game

In addition, gold and cash are the main currencies of this game
Cash is the easiest one to get during the game

But, gold will be hard to get since it is the premium currency which is usually earned by purchasing them from iaps
Anyway, by completing certain mission, you will be rewarded with gold for free

And, be sure to log in and play this game in daily basis that will give you a chance to get some nice rewards including gold


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