Gold Cash Cheats in Tofu Hunter iPhone

Tofu Hunter form adult swim can be said as a hilarious new hunting game for mobile platforms
Anyway, this game is a kind of a parody of the wealth of hunting games, where you will merely go out to shoot walking tofu as well as other vegetarian and pseudo-vegetarian dishes.

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Along the game, speed and accuracy will be vital here.
To make an accurate headshot, be sure to practice it more often

Meanwhile, it does not matter if you make any other kind of shot as the amount of damage dealt is the same no matter where you hit the tofu.

At this point, if you can switch from tofu to tofu faster, you can earn your prize faster
Moreover, you will also get higher scores as your point of achievement.

In this game, you will have a limited amount of time to fulfill each of your contracts
Here, you will get an option to either watch an advertisement video for free in order to continue, or you can spend gold in order to go to the next stage.
Just do not use your gold to restart the round
Instead, always watch the advertisement video to do so.

As usual, this game will feature cash and gold as the main currencies
Every time you have shot the tofu, you will be rewarded with cash

And, you will also be granted to get free gold if you can accomplish your mission successfully or you can complete a rather lucrative bounty along the game
On the other side, you can use cash to purchase all of the same things that you can use gold for.

Once collecting gold and cash, they can be handy to get some upgrades for your weapons to make them as powerful as possible.

Doing this upgrade will be important if lack of weapon power is stopping you from killing all of the tofu that you need to complete the round.

In line with this, you will be provided with a ton of different types of weapons available for purchase.
They are like shotguns, machine guns and other different types that will be needed for different levels and you must get them all.

To get more rewards, just check out the bounties to know exactly what you must do to collect the reward for either gold or cash.
These bounties will get you to a certain number of a specific type of game, such as tofu bucks or tofu doe, in which if you can complete the bounties, you will be granted with some nice rewards.


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