Gold Cash Cheats in Military Masters iPhone

DeNa Corp will allow you to take a command of an elite unit of the most destructive war machines ever created on Military Masters mobile platforms, a tactical squad-based war game for ios and android

military masters walkthrough ios android

Here, you can deploy carefully crafted teams to attack and beat your enemies, and overcome the chaos of war that will challenge you to your core and build the ultimate team filled with the most powerful tanks to take on the world

Early on this game, you will have to gather up some free loot in the shop
Here, you will be served with three different categories of free things such as rare supplies, units, and regular supplies.
Every of them has its own cooldown, in that you can get three categories worth of stuff
Later on, you should come back after the cooldowns are finished to keep a steady supply of supplies.

After collecting your supplies, you will now be able to attack your enemies
In line with this, the first strike of a round is given to the team that has the highest first strike value, represented by the blue numbers.
When starting a match, you should examine your enemy’s team

In the mean time, you must see which of their units has blue numbers.
At this point, you must prioritize these units first as the Targeting ability will be handy for this.
So try to take out all of their units with blue numbers, so that the enemy team cannot go first, that will give you a slight advantage.

During in the battle, you must balance your team out
The lighter units with less HP will have more blue attacks, but lower damage values.
The heavier units with more HP will have only one or no blue attacks, but higher damage values.
Looking at this, you have ample chances to first strike and you have enough damage to back it up.

Throughout the game, you must focus fire and take down your enemy one by one.
With high enough rolls and the Targeting ability, you can beat one of your enemy’s units every turn.
And, if you do not use the Targeting ability, your units will just randomly pick their targets, and they will spread your damage all over the place.
Defeating one unit first will reduce the overall damage your team takes
So, just do that than hitting them randomly.

You will see in the battle that some units will have red attack bars, that signify a special ability
It means that, the units can range from deploying a armor increasing shield, attacking multiple times, and more.
You can activate these special abilities if you land on the red space during your spin
Besides, if you want to rely on them heavily you should bring the Respin ability with you.

Furthermore, you must also level up your units that you can do by tapping on the unit in your squad on the main menu
There, you will see what stats the unit will have when it is at maximum level.
you can see that the unit’s health will go up, along with its damage values.
Just do this at the beginning, because the enemy units will be stronger.
Meanwhile, you can also craft new units with better potential if you can make a good progress through the game.


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