Gold Cash Cheats Deer Hunter 2016 iPhone

Glu Games has open a hunting season that you can take part in their newest game, Deer Hunter 2016, which is the first person hunting series designed specially for ios and android devices.

deer hunter 16 walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be equipped with some weapons with their different specifications
With your advanced guns, you will be brought to travel the world and hunt down the biggest animals in the game.

When shooting the animals, be sure to aim them and control your gun steadily
During your hunting, the animals in this game will not get alerted until you make your first shot
When trying to aim them, you can zoom in and out, and be sure to not miss a shot as they will run around wildly.

To take those animals at ease, be sure to aim for the vital organs
If you can do it well, you will get bonus cash

Besides, you will also be tasked to complete missions to kill an animal in the game.
Always remember to upgrade to the second rifle, as this will give you infrared vision that you can use to zoom in to see where the organs are.

With this infrared, you can see their organs such as the brain, the lungs, and the heart.
The brain and lungs mat be the hardest organs to shoot, but you will get ten bonus cash once you can shoot them.
And, the lungs may be the easiest organ to shoot and you will be granted with five bucks if you can shoot it.

On the other side, this game features gold and cash as the main currencies
In order to get some extra cash, you can try to complete contract missions given in this game

Later on, you can continue to complete the gun series missions where you will have to upgrade your weapons first

So, if your weapon is yet to be upgraded, you can firstly try to accomplish the contract missions or the freeplay missions where you will still get some cash used to upgrade your guns.

Sometimes, you will have to complete missions where you must kill multiple targets which are slightly harder to do
Anyway, you can do it if you can steadily aim your weapon when going for the second shot.

You can use the other guns with a Suppression rating on them, and be sure to use silencers before making any shot.
With this silencer, it will reduce the chance of other animals getting alerted when you get your first shot.
In line with this, upgrading suppression will be a must to accomplish that mission

After completing certain missions, you will be granted with gold which as the premium currency of this game

Meanwhile, you can also tap the swap button to switch to your other weapons when dealing with specific animals in certain missions.

In this game, you will see that some animals are aggressive, the bears.
When dealing such animals, always take them out in one-shot, or they will run straight for you if you cannot do it well

To deal with them, you can use your shotgun, and just wait for them to get closer, then you can take them with one shot with your shot gun


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