Gold Card Greenbacks in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends iPhone

Ludia has Teenage Mutant Ninja aka TMNT Legends as a turn-based role playing game for the ios and android platforms

teenage mutant ninja turtles legends walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be tasked to recruit and develop your favorite TMNT heroes, complete missions and earn gold cards and greenbacks

Similar to any rpg genre, you will get a bunch of missions to accomplish for extra goodies and rewards. The completion of missions is the main gate to get more Mutagen
This stuff is a kind of the resource that you need to level up and evolve your heroes in this game

In daily basis, missions will rotate on a time basis
Thus, always check when your missions will reset and complete the ones quickly

Once playing this game for few minutes, you will go for Hard Mode, where enemies are hard to beat and sometimes they come in bigger waves.
If you can overcome this mode, you will get loot drops which are much better than in the regular stages.
There, the character DNA will drop in hard mode stages

Later on, once clearing chapter one, you must go back and complete the hard mode stages, so that you will have enough DNA to recruit Spider Bytez, Chris Bradford, and Casey Jones.

Those heroes come along with specific characterizations
Every type will be weak against another type and strong against another.

Grey types are strong against red types
Reds ones are strong against purple types
Purples are strong against blue types
Blues are strong against orange types
oranges are strong against grey types

So, the main point is to attack an enemy that is weak to that character
As an illustration, if you see a green arrow above the enemy, they are weak to your recent selected hero
And, if you see a red arrow is below the enemy, they will be resistant.

Then, before starting a level, you will get info related to a list of enemies type you will deal with
In line with this, you can use unique skills of each hero
Every skill here has a cooldown in which you must use it wisely during battle
Therefore, just use your skills when you need them

Meanwhile, you will need to upgrade your skills
Every hero here needs to level up with mutagen, so that it will make them increase their base stats.
To upgrade your heroes skills, just select the skill you want to upgrade and check if you have the materials for it.

After having all the materials, pay the mutagen and make sure that your skill is upgraded completely.
Upgrading your heroes skills are the main key to get victory and to keep your characters up to date which will be useful to deal with the next chapters in the game

On the other side, you will get a chance to get mystery card pack from the card shop which happens every couple of hours
In this pack, you will get a random amount of goodies such bronze, silver and gold card pack
Moreover, some of them contain some character DNA.
For such reasons, always enable notifications to let you know when another free pack is available to open


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