Gold Bucks to Get Rare Cards in Boom Boom Soccer iPhone

Boom Boom Soccer from Hothead Games is the combination of card and a sport team management game for mobile devices where it will rely on how to get more player cards during the game.

boom boom soccer walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to recruit players from all over the world, train them, and play in leagues against computer teams and real-life players for a bunch of rewards

In this game, you should also upgrade your favorite players by selecting the player you want to boost, and pick which players you want to sacrifice to power up the base player.
You can do this to boost your better players.

Later on, you will have to be assigned to collect new cards from booster packs that you can have with gold bars, that is the premium currency of the game.

In daily basis, you are assigned to complete the daily reward challenges which offers you the bonus
Here, make sure to complete some of them, since each of them will offer you gold bars as a reward which you can use to purchase more player card packs.

On the main menu, right next to the daily rewards, you will be notified with a Milestones section.
It means that after having total matches played count goes up to a certain number, you can have a permission to get some gold bars.

You will start with every five matches, then every twenty, and it continues to bigger one where you should often check in to see if a milestone reward is available to collect

On the other side, you can play in the daily trophy league where you can play this game against other players online.

At this point, you must try to complete all of your placement matches to put you on the leaderboards
Plus, you will be rewarded with some bonuses in form of full of cash and gold bars to purchase some new card packs

Again, in related to get some bonus pack, you will get a chance to open a free bonus pack from the store once every four hours.
Opening these bonus packs will contain low rarity player cards
In line with these cards, you can use them as extra experience for your player cards that you are using
Therefore, just come back every four hours to grab your bonus pack.

In the way of getting gold bars, you can play in the Boom Boom cups, since you will get some player cards as a reward at the end of each cup.
Thus, just do your best while improving your odds during in the game

In addition, to get more gold and cash, try to take part in the Daily Trophy tournament.
There, you can win the trophy by playing in a league where you will be granted with a prize box containing some gold or cash to collect for free.


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