Gold Bucks Cheats for New Players Cars in Boom Boom Football iPhone

Hothead Games has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Boom Boom Football, where you will be tasked to build your team, plan your strategy, and apply your skills to make your team solid among other players worldwide

boom boom football walkthrough ios android

Later on, you will be brought to manage your team by gathering up more than 300 football player cards from Gold, Platinum to All Star.

Then, you will be assigned to level up your cards with new boost and evolve animations
To level up your cards, boosting will be a way to use any extra players cards to improve your team

To boost the card, just tap on a Player or on the My Cards button, and you may choose multiple cards to speed up the Boosting process.

The extra Player cards will permanently be used up during Boosting, and they will be removed from your inventory once the process is completed well.
During the boosting process, you will need bucks, the main currency of this game

Except boosting the cards, you will also need to evolve your cards in which you can evolve two identical Player cards into a single evolved version of the player.

Later on, an evolved player will start at 0 level, and they will get a bonus to their starting Skill based on the level of the original players.
These evolved players will also get an additional +5 to their maximum level cap.

AS usual, this game will come along with gold and bucks as the premium currencies of this game
In order to get more bucks, you can just play the match against your rival in the daily trophy and quick game mode
Every time, you win that mode, you will be granted with a bunch of bucks

Except bucks, you will also have to collect more gold that you can freely collect by taking part in special offers in TapJoy.
Once you have bee in the store screen, just tap on Get Free Gold! button to see what offers are served to you for a completion.

On the other side, you will also be provided with energy that will automatically recover 1 energy pip every 20 minutes

In order to regenerate your energy fast, you simply watch a video for a free energy pip.
Besides, you can also get more players by p.acing in events, completing games and region in bowl mode then purchasing packs from the iaps


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