Gold Bar Cheats in Candy Crush Soda Saga iPhone

Candy Crush Soda Saga developed by King is offering you to match up three or more identical pieces of candy to make some points, clear obstacles, and raise soda levels to guide floating bear candies to the top of the screen.

candy crush soda saga strategy guides ios android

When being in the Bubble Bears stages, make sure to match up pop bottles to make the soda level rise
In that stage, you need to make “Bubble Bears” float to the top of the stage, and you should match up pop bottles so that the soda level will rise and take the bear with it.

Later on, when dealing with Frosted Bears stages, be sure to focus on making matches over ice
That stages can be difficult because clearing away ice often needs more than a single match.
Because of this, you have to focus as much as possible on making matches over ice, especially thick ice that requires two matches to clear.
Here, the location of Frosted Bears is placed randomly and every time you play a level make sure to memorize the location of Frosted Bears in a stage.
If you lose and have to replay the stage, the Bears’ location shifts.
So just try and clear candies from the bubble-up in that stages
At the same time try to make as many matches as possible, especially for vertical matches directly above a Bubble Bear whereby it will help them float to the top. Vertical matches are favourable.

On the other side, focus on how many bears need to be freed in a Bubble Bears stage in which you have to free more than one bear, even though only one shows up at a time.
Also pay attention to the number of bears remaining before applying your strategy.

Meanwhile, using some power ups will really help you to make combo moves on board
In line with this, you can try to use powered-up candies together whenever possible, they are including striped candies, fish candies, and explosive candies
When performing this, make sure to try and hold off for a bit unless you see a clear benefit to using them.
Moreover, combining powered-up candies will come to more powerful effect than you would be using them on their own.

Make sure to prioritize breaking open licorice cages as they will lock down vital pieces of candy, and they tend to be annoying barricades in Bubble Bear levels.
Try to match the contents within with like-colored candy pieces to clear them away.

Besides using power ups, you are able to use colorbomb candies wisely but you should think carefully about how you use the colorbombs.
Here, swapping a colorbomb candy with a regular candy piece will zap away all same-colored candies in a single move.
You can use them to clear away ice, licorice cages, and other barriers.

For further, when coming to multi-screen Bubble Bears stages, you will see the soda level continue to rise on the next screen even if the first screen is filled up
When getting one screen is filled up with pop, just do not stop matching pop bottles
At this point, the excess pop will spill onto the next board, so that it will help your Bubble Bear rise that much more quickly.

When you are in a large Frosted Bears stage, you can begin by spreading your matches to locate the position of as many bears as possible
Here, you can start out by making matches in different corners of the game board, if you have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of Bears to find in this stage.
Doing this will help you pin down the location of the Bears, and you can zoom in from there.

If you want to access Frosted Bears, you have to search for a faint green glow under a single layer of ice, as they can be spotted under it.
In the mean time, you can also search for a faint green smear as they will not be seen under double layers of ice.


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