Gold Artifact Cheat for New Outfit in Dig a Way All Levels iPhone

Dig a Way can be included in a platforming puzzle game developed by Digi Ten where you will have to explore the depths of the Earth to discover ancient treasures and artifacts buried in the wonder world of exotic locations

dig a way walkthrough ios android

Once playing this game, you have to accomplish your mission to dig for more hidden treasure
In the mean tie, you will also have to solve every puzzle in each level
In line with this, you can try solving the hardest puzzles by just stopping to examine your environment. When doing so, you can pan the camera down to check if a drop is safe to go through with.

You will also boulders in a couple levels in that they can be pushed around and act like regular platforms, but they cannot be dug out obviously.

And when you notice that a platform below a boulder is broken, the boulder will fall down within a second.
Sometime, you will be taken to to carry a boulder with you throughout the level
At this time, you must keep pushing the boulder downward as you will most often need to use it as a platform to a chest or something.

Later on, boulders can be dropped in the wrong pits
When seeing this, you might lock yourself out of a future treasure or gold.
Also, when dealing with chests, be sure to speak when they get huge boulders dropped on them.
Always check before pushing a boulder down a hole, or you must restart the whole level

Furthermore, you will have to gather up some artifacts and all the chests in order to reach 3 star a level
Here, you must also get the chests to get the artifact that you desire.
There, in chests, you will find an artifact placed in the museum.

Every artifact here belongs to a set, and if you can manage to complete the set, the museum will start earning you gold.
For further, you should check in regularly to collect your earnings, in which this will be the only other way to get more gold

In addition, if you have more gold from those artifacts, you will be able to purchase some outfits.
And, you can play this game with new outfit in that this outfit may make your character look a little more snappy.
So, just try having an outfit out and save coins on specific need in this game


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