Getting Unlimited Gold in DSF Deep Space Fleet Galaxy War iPhone

Joyfort has made D.S.F: Galaxy War to ios and android platforms in that this game is a kind of a free to play MMORTS where you are allowed to build up a space station, plunder resources to make space ships, make a research to make your station stronger and seize other planets in the galaxy.

deep space fleet galaxy war walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will have to increase the tonnage of your fleet
To do so, you will firstly have to level up your commanders to get tonnage increased then increase your military rank with medals.
Also, you have to learn a Control Skill Specialization Manual for your commander.
Here, you are able to use Skill Refresh Potion to get it.

Before going to invade another galaxy, you will have to get more resources first
You can do this by accomplishing achievement quests, plundering wormhole and other players successfully, purchasing resources packs from the Item Mall or you can collect them from Alliance members

Remember that the amount of resources you carry on your space station from plundering wormholes or other players will be decided by the remaining tonnage of your fleet after you get your victory the battle.

Once obtaining resources, you must upgrade station modules especially for the three resource modules.
You can terraform your planet to get more population and collect more gold.

Completing the achievement quests and storyline missions will give you more rewards like resources and gold.
Plundering wormholes will also provide you more resources, flagship blueprints and tech scrolls.

In order to get more resources, you should upgrade space station modules then upgrade planet terraforming to get population for pilots and gold to prepare for upgrading techs.

Later on, producing ships and making powerful fleets are the way to challenge story lines, and to plunder wormholes to get more resources, flagship blueprints and tech scrolls.
Merging flagships to higher levels and challenging further story lines to earn more gold and EXP.

Be sure to upgrade your Defense Center to give your station more powerful turrets to prepare for attacking and defending.

Once everything has been ready, you can now seize a second planet to expand your territory in the galaxy then explore planets to get advanced flagship blueprints and special materials for researching flagship skills.

When you want to get involved in PvP battle, make sure to look for a player in one of the Star Zone maps of the galaxy
In the mean time, just click his base, then click “scout” to access detailed information, especially the military information, of the player.
Furthermore, you will have to upgrade your Reconnaissance Technique to scout other players.
Here, higher levels of the tech will give you with more information.

It will be highly recommended to dispatch a fleet to wipe out the enemy’s turrets first and dispatch a fleet deployed according to the military force of the enemy to wipe out his other fleets.
You can also try to let the enemy’s ships attack your flagship when you fight, in that that ships will first attack the ship which they can do the most damage to.

This game also features gold as the main currency that you will need to build and upgrade your base
Gold in this game is used to research space station technologies, to upgrade your planet terraforming modules and to hire Commanders in the Orbit Tavern.

You can gather up this gold in the following ways
Levy tax on your planets
Accomplishing Achievement Quests
Purchasing a Gold package or Gold Production Bonus from the Mall
You can ask gold from alliance members
Plunder wormholes and other players will earn you gold as well


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