Getting Rarest Cards in Welcome to the Dungeon Cheats Android

Orca inc has launched their new game called Welcome To The Dungeon which is a unique new card battling game where you will be able to take a role as the villain who has just been revived as a result of a careless blunder by a couple humans into a human-sacrifice chamber.

welcome to the dungeon strategy guides ios android

It is now the time to spread darkness and gain infamy throughout the land as well as defeating a horde of heroes who wants to bring you down.

At the beginning of the game, you will start with three monster spaces in your party
They are going to be important in which you have to make sure that only the best or the rarest ones that you put in your party.

Here, star rarity will be important indicator of worth than actual stats
It is caused by a super rare, 4-6 star monster will be far more powerful, in which it is relative to experience level, than any less rare monsters.

In order to power up your stronger monsters, you can always sacrifice weaker monsters later.
At this point, you should farm for gold then spend it on the weakest monster summon, that will earn you anywhere from 1-4 star monster, but most commonly one and two stars.
Doing this costs only 5,000 gold.
So just try to use the monsters that you do not want to keep as fodder for powering up your preferred monsters.

On the other side, make sure to concentrate on the elements of each monster and each hero.
Fire monsters are strong against grass heroes
Grass monsters are strong against water heroes
Water monsters are strong against fire heroes
Light monsters are strong against everybody, except for light heroes, as they will cancel each other out.

Once making some progresses through the game, your infamy level will level up, and you will gradually unlock more monster slots.

Furthermore, you should farm that will increase your experience points and gold
Meanwhile, in order to increase your infamy level, you can go back to any of the old stages and play them over and over again.

For each battle, it will take a little bit longer than the newer stages will
Anyway, you can hit auto battle every single time, so that the battle will go by that much faster.

Make sure to always set the battle to double speed
Doing so will make it over with as quickly as possible and to maximize your resource farming.

In addition, you can do any activity in this game, as there is no “energy” limit along the game
Because of this, you are able to play as much as you want, while making it pointless not to go double speed though.


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