Get VIP Offer for Gems in Chrono Strike iPhone

Gosu Group has a new action game called as Chrono Strike which you can play on the go
This game is a simple and fun since you will merely swing your sword or shoot enemies with your weapon

chrono strike walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will see your foes get closer to your character from the left and right sides
Here, your main objective is to tap in their direction to beat them out.

Playing this game is all about control and precision
If you tap enemy that is not in their range your character to freeze for a while so that it will make him to be vulnerable to counter attacks.

So, the best moment to attack enemies is to wait until the attack indicator lights up
Afterward, you can tap in the proper direction to cast your attack.

During in your action, you must consider to make long combos counter.
If you have higher combo counter, you will get more coins

Note that if you miss out an attack or take damage it will set your combo counter back to zero, so you must be on your toes along the way
At the same time, you must also get all three stars in a level with a high combo you perform

Always watch on the enemies indicators below them.
It indicates that some of them need multiple attacks to defeat, whereby you should attack accordingly.
Sometimes, you will see that some of them will even switch sides upon taking damage, which will make you prepare for that action

For such reasons, always consider to always see the indicators below them in which blue arrows are right, and yellow arrows are left.

On the other side, you will also get to complete the quests which will earn you the appropriate suit fragments and talent cores
These things are to upgrade your characters, which will build new talents and suits for them.

In the beginning of the game, you will firstly play with Tempest, a hero with a new suit upon completing the first quest.
This new suit has better stats to have more room for growth.

Later on, you will have to spend additional fragments upgrading the Nova suit
By upgrading it, you will increase your attack power, your speed, and a chance to dodge enemy attacks.
Besides, upgrading talent cores will augment your suit with increased stats

As usual, coins and gems are the main currencies of this game
In order to get more coins, all you will do is to beat all incoming enemies in each level
Moreover, you will get more coins by performing your highest combo.

You will also get coins by having more health when going through the entire level completely
During in your action, try to multiply it by your current speed multiplier to complete level fast which will earn you more coins

In addition, you will also get gems, the premium currency that you can get by completing the level successfully
Thus, try to complete every given quests available in the quests menu in daily basis


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