Get Three Star for More Cash in Dude Perfect 2 iPhone

Miniclip has continue to launch the next series of Dude Perfect which is called as Dude Perfect 2 categorized into a simple one-touch physics game where you will shoot some hoops in the craziest locations

dude perfect 2 walkthrough ios android

To perform every shot in this game, always remember to what angle you were at and how much power you used in each stage.
Doing this may help you adjust for your next shot, based on how far or short your shot was from the hoop.

Then, you will also have to manage to land every shot you take and miss no hoops
If you can do so well, you will be granted with three stars and one cash on the level
Here, cash is the premium currency of this game that you can use on additional dudes and basketballs in the shop

Once progressing through some levels, the later levels will get more and more tricky to go through
When being in later levels, always check out the entire level before shooting the ball
It is caused by, usually the levels are set up in such a manner where the gimmicks lying there in plain sight.

When being on level 15 in this game, you will see a suitcase jammed in the hoop.
There, there are small boxes above the hoop lined up in a way that sets it up for a domino knockdown effect.
The last box that falls down will hit the suitcase and it will move it out of the way.

On the other side, if you play this game regularly, you will get a chance to collect your daily reward and play lucky panda, a matching game.

When playing in Lucky Panda, you will be able to walk away with a ton of power ups and coins.
Moreover, you will be able to play this for free once a day, otherwise it will need a 350 gold entry fee.

Later on this game, you will use any ball to be shot at the ring
When using the bowling ball, it will be heavy that will make it hard to throw.

When dealing with this, do not try to use the bowling ball for faraway hoops
Even though, you try to shoot it with full power, they will not travel very far.

For such reasons, you can switch to basketballs that will be light and easy to make perfect shot for score points
As a result, the more perfect shot you perform, the more cash and reward you will earn

So, just keep practicing to shoot the ball and time your power in order to get through the ring successfully


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