Get Telepod QR Codes to Unlock Characters in Angry Birds Transformers iPhone

After Rovio Entertainment launched Angry Birds Go few months ago, now the new sequel of Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Transformers seems to be popular on mobile recently

angry birds transformers comic con new characters

Similar to many of the most recent in the Angry Birds franchise, this series has also an option to tie in with a little bit of a real life bonus.
In line with this, Telepods are a type of Angry Birds toy that you can buy and play with in real life, and you can use QR codes to play it.

Due to QR codes are needed to play it, you must unlock them in order to actually own the character or have someone else’s Telepod to borrow one from a friend, a kid, etc
Or, you can actually print a picture of the QR code at the right side of the bottom of the character.
To catch that QR codes, just put the character on your phone’s camera then let your phone take a image.

Once getting this, you can use it once per play period.
This term applies in order to discourage fraudulent usage or swapping Telepods back and forth between another players just to unlock all of the birds and pigs in the game at a time.

Make sure when purchasing Telepods in the stores, yo should know what branch in the franchise they are marked for as this one will be marked in a very obvious manner
Because it is Angry Birds Transformers, it should all be bird-ized versions of Autobots and pig-ized versions of Decepticons that you will have to search for.

After doing all that steps, you are now be able to unlock the characters permanently
Anyway, you will have nothing to do with the Telepods and you can do with playing the game until you unlock them by completing specific tasks.
You can also get each character via a Telepod then you can also get it via playing through the game until you unlock them.

On the other side, if you have unlocked a character that you have a Telepod QR code for, then you should get it scanned into the game in which it will raise your power level or restore your health, as well as giving you bonuses.


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