Get Super Rare Cards to Win NHL SuperCard iPhone

NHL SuperCard is the product of 2K Games and Cat Daddy Games in which this game is a brand new card collecting game that you can download and play from the App Store

nhl supercard walkthrough ios android

This game will challenge you to build the ultimate deck consisting of superstars more than 450 active and legendary players from the NHL

Along with this, you will also be able to collect cards and challenge others online in exhibition games, season-based tournaments and special in-game events.
You will also get a permission to customize your stats, while training provides maximum potential for each card.

To play this game, you can use your rarest and best players regardless of their preferred position in the Quick Games and in Season play.
Be sure to check out the numbers to have your best players lined up.

When you are about to be a champion, you will consider to know two types of wins that you can hope for
You can win when your rival scores against you
And, you can also win when you win all the three match-ups.
In line with this, you will get three card picks instead of two
Thus, try to win all the match-ups to have a chance of collecting rare cards.

When playing in the AI, it will play the best cards in the first two rounds
Here, you can play with second best card first and use the best card second to have chance to get your champion

When you intend to challenge your rival, be sure to check out the rarity tier which they are playing and the number of games played.

To get easy win, you can select players in a lower tier and with less games played.
They usually have less cards, in which they will not manage to upgrade their players

On the other side, you will be allowed to collect 100 maximum cards in the game
After your deck is filled of them, you can know exactly which are your best cards
Then, you can start upgrading them first.

Always look for doubles as combining two cards of the same player will make them into a Pro and improve their stats for more

As said earlier, combining two identical players will create a pro card, which is a better value card to be upgraded to increase great stats.
Later on, you can enhance pro cards to max stats out before you use them in the field

Remember to combine two cards once they are maxed out only
Also, you must make sure to level them up first to win every match

Similar to the real game, the goalie will be the top priority in the game
It is caused by he will be paired up with other players in some cases whereby you will require a solid GK to keep on winning

Also, be sure to level up your GK cards first to increases your chances of winning the other match-ups and still winning the game.

Meanwhile, as the collectible cards game, getting rare cards will be important to power up your deck
For such reasons, be sure to be active in Season Plays to have a great chance to win rare cards and

Always log in the event more often and replenish the energy of your starting players
In the mean time, make sure to check back every 2 to 3 games to make the required changes since it will give you a chance to win a lot of great cards
You will get easy winning by starting to play in a Season when you have at least 6 Energy Cards.

Moreover, you will also be able to collect special rewards by being in a better tier with your team
According to this, you should meet the requirements for Ultra Rare + cards
And, try to keep your meter in the upper side of the bar since it will make you one of the stronger players in the tier.
Whilst doing so, you can collect better cards, train them and enhance them then go to the next tier when you really get a solid team.


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