Get Stars to Unlock New Characters in Mr Crab 2 iPhone

Mr. Crab from Illusion Labs seems to be the next series of Mr. Crab where you will guide your characters to go on the quest which is to rescue all of the lost baby crabs in each stage.

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This game still brings the same one-touch platforming gameplay, in which you will get to deal with all sorts of new obstacles along the path

In other words, you will have to go through the levels which are structured with towers or skyscrapers When performing your action, you will have to find the exit located near the top of the level.

To perform your action, you will go form bottom to top to find and rescue baby crabs hidden in little nooks and crannies
Sometimes, you will make big jumps to climb the tower To make this happen, you must circle the entire tower once to get a detail surroundings
Always watch out a baby crab spot, and do not ascend too high before taking a look around.

Except getting baby crab, you must grab stars during in the level which will unlock the next level
Besides, you can also unlock the next level by playing with the vending machine, which takes you to get stars
There, you will get a chance to get 500 stars per draw
In line with this, try playing the medium Wilderness levels to get some stars at ease.

By rescuing the babies crab, you will be able to unlock additional characters such as Arnold, Lucy, Swampy, Mr. Frog, Roxy, Nib-Nib and King Crab

In accordance with this, you will have to overcome every level coming along with a certain amount of lost baby crabs to rescue
To make sure you get them all, just check how many you have and how many are left in the little crab silhouettes located at the top of the screen.

During in your action, you will learn that every crab on the level will move in one direction until it comes across a wall
Afterward, that crab will turn around and move in the opposite direction.

Relying on this, you may consider that you can try to swing your crab around
And, you may lose track of where your crab is moving.
For such reasons, always watch on your crab’s eyes as it will always look in the direction
It indicates that the crab wants to move, so that you can prepare your move either performing wheels or swings.

Meanwhile, some levels will come along with certain mechanisms where you will be able to move around the level fast such as running into bounce pads, gates, sticky wheels, and more
At this point, follow the mechanism to see where it will go.
Sometimes, they will lead you to go to a baby crab which will make easy to collect


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