Get Stars to Unlock All Skins in Ridge Runner iPhone

Turbo Chilli has launched Ridge Runner on the apple store as a new endless running and pole-vaulting game which is specially designed for the iOS platform recently

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To play this game, you will merely hold to extend your pole and release to jump over a variety of obstacles and gaps in front of you

In the mean time, you will also have to gather up stars which will be handy to unlock different characters from a knight on horseback, a fireman to a selfie-obsessed teenage girl.

In other words, your main objective in this game is to run as far as you can through gaps and into rings while trying to make the highest score

During your action, you will run automatically.
Each time, you tap the screen, the pole will start extending
And, when you let go of the screen, the pole will stop extending so that your character will vault with it.

Then, when you stop the pole, make sure to determine how long it is, so that you will know how accurately you can vault through the holes.

Anyway, playing this game will rely on your timing to control the poles.
You will also need to practice your reflexes down with the vaulting, then start going to gain high scores.

After going through few rounds, you will be granted with more stars to get new characters
Each character will come along with different animations
And, some of them will be more or less distracting than others, which can help your performance play in rounds of the game.

In order to get easy stars in this game, you can get them for free by tapping the button pop up saying Earn Stars when you have successfully accomplished a round
Once tapping it, you will start watching the ad video.

Every time, you have watched the ad video, you will get a fresh batch of free stars to collect.
Plus, this may be combined with the extra stars which you can get from jumping through hoops
With enough stars you have collected from there, you will easily unlock new characters rather quickly in this game.

Sometimes, you may see that the gaps will be the hardest thing to jump over to continue your run.
To jump them in successful completion, you can either start your jump so early that the pole sets on the left side of the gap

Or, you can start it late and let it go long so that your pole will set on the right side of the gap.
In the mean time, never let the pole vault you down into the abyss when you are doing your action to go through the gaps in a round.


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