Get Star Medals in War Inc Nations Fury Android

Mindstorm Studios has assigned you to command your nation to glory in this epic game of war that you can play in War Inc Nations Fury, a modern military strategy game with with a stunningly detailed combat system, immersive battle gameplay, intelligent army units, and in-depth strategy specifically designed for android platforms and ios soon

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Along the game, you will have to deploy powerful towers, make an advanced military force, and beat your enemies as you clash in battle against thousands of players online

Later on, you will be assigned to build an army from Marines to Snipers, then you will meet some commanders to command heavy Mechs, Scorpion Tanks, and Walkers to take over your enemy’s base

Then, you have to conquer the War Corp ranks and rise to glory and form army alliances, capture enemy bases, command your troops, and build powerful weapons

You should also protect your base with the Radar Jammer that can scramble the enemy radar signal and prevent your base from showing up on their map.

However, if your Radar Jammer time expires or if you attack another player while the Jammer is active, it will be deactivated and you will be vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Anyway, if an enemy player attacks your base and wins a single star, your Radar Jammer will be activated, and you will get the protection from further attacks and time to recover.

In the battle of this game, some higher level players can steal lesser resources from your base and lower level players can steal more resources to allow for fair balancing, but these will always be a small percentage of your overall resources.

You will have to build Oil Rigs and Silos Depots to store resources.
Your Harvesters and Oil Rigs are not as well protected as your Silos and Depots, and you must collect your resources frequently to transfer them to your Silos and Depots to get them protected fully.

Every unit in this game will behave autonomously on the battlefield in a purpose.
At this point, Nlechs are designed to soak up damage from Towers
And, Harvesters are designed to siphon resources at an alarming rate
Then, Demolition Bots are designed to blow up walls
In line with this, different towers will have different behaviors on the battlefield, so learn how to play against different base setups.

On the other side, you need power to upgrade anything on your base
Early on, you will have a lot of power available by the default Hydro Dam next to which the base is built, but you have to make power sources such as Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants to fuel your base growth and development.

When upgrading the buildings, you should have a free Construction Bot
Then, you can click the building and tap the Upgrade button
Upgrades are locked based on the level of your Command Center so be sure you level up your Command Center frequently to unlock powerful buildings and upgrade levels for your towers and walls.
During the upgrading process, core building functionality like towers, Harvesters and Oil Rigs is disabled while the building is being upgraded.

In accordance with this, some special buildings such as the Tesla Tower and the Shield Generator need a lot of power to be operational
Therefore, you must choose wisely when upgrading your base to make sure you have enough power to dish out the pain when someone comes knocking on your base

In addition, the medal will be a reference to your glory that you have got in the battlefield
When you get your victory in a battle you will be rewarded with medals.

Moreover, if you win against a tougher player, a player with more medals, you will be rewarded with more medals.


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