Get Some Tickets to Unlock New Cars in Loop Drive 2 iPhone

Loop Drive 2 from Gameguru can be said as an arcade racing game and this is an addicting crash race that you can play both on the ios and android platforms

loop drive 2 walkthrough ios android

Along with it, this game comes along with a sequel and tons of improvement as well as new tracks coming in easy and hard difficulty options
Besides, you will also be served with unique environments and brand new cars

To play this game, all you will have to do is to drive in circles while trying to avoid crashing your car with another objects running on the side loop.

You can play safe during the game, where you will have to adjust your speed, accelerate and brake at the right time so that you can avoid crashing into another car or objects such as cars, people, dogs, and others going in all directions there

In order to properly avoid cars, you should vary between the brakes and the gas.
At this point, tapping somewhere else on the screen and holding it will make you hit the gas pedal
For such reasons, it will highly be recommended to pay attention to where the brake button is and use it to your advantage to avoid getting hit by another car.

In the mean time, you will get to collect more coins with every loop
To earn more coins, you can simply watch the ad video ads coming out after every two rounds or so.

According to this, every time you have watched that promotional video, you will be rewarded with 250 coins
With these coins, you can use them to unlock new cars such as Truck, Redbike, Otobus, Greenbike and Taxi then bring them in to know which one performs the best

Basically, every car in this game merely perform the same way and they offer different look while you are performing your action on the track

Anyway, that smaller cars will make for a smaller target.
Therefore, you can purchase the smallest cars in the store which will make you go for a high score easily in either the easy or hard modes.

It is caused by small cars can give you a bigger margin for error so that you can sneak past other cars at ease

Except coins, you will also be assigned to get tickets that you can do by spinning the prize wheel as often as you can
Moreover, if you can collect the 10 ticket prize, you will be able to get a large number of coins
Plus, you can even unlock some free cars for bonus


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