Get Some Cash to Unlock New Locations in Cathy`s Craft iPhone

Cathy’s Crafts A Time Management Game from GameHouse can be said as a time management game that has been available on the ios and android markets

cathy`s craft walkthrough ios android

This game seems to center around speed and efficiency.
In other words, all you will do in this game is merely to tap and help customers as fast as you can at your fingertip
At the same time, you must also maximize your score and get gold star in each level

In order to get more bronze, silver and gold stars, every area or location in this game comes along with a slightly different points requirement
Early on the level, you must firstly reach levels five and six to get 2,000 points for the bronze star.

In line with this, you must earn points with chain combos.
To make such combos, try to line up identical actions to double or triple the points for a task
If you can do so well, you will get closer to make shinier stars within your reach.

According to this, you should get to the register to get a chain combo
There, just wait for minimum two customers to stand in line along with the money icon over their head
At a time, ring them up all at once to get a massive points bonus and extra cash

When doing so, never serve single customers
And, you must wait until two separate groups need your attention before going for an action.

Try to deliver orders to two tables in a row for bonus points.
To maximize your points, just shoot for Full Order and Quick bonuses toward each customer.
Again, try to deliver all the items a table orders in one trip to get a few extra points

Sometimes, you may consider to go for a forecast of the customers expected to walk in a day.
Because of this, you will have an opportunity to customize your inventory to match projected demand.

To do this, just tap the swap arrows and pick an item matching the customers’ picture
Just keep doing so until some customers have the most items.
If you really want to play the prediction game, look at each clients’ description and watch for those

Meanwhile, your attention must get to shop upgrades with the cash you have collected by completing the levels
Always try to make your customers happy to make some cash for upgrades and unlock new locations

Also, you must try to complete some levels with optional tasks
In accordance with this, you can sign for deliveries when they come through the door.
The main point to play this game is to fulfill your customers need
Make them happy all the time so that you will get more rewards in form of cash and points
Then, if you see a table needs cleaning, be sure to tap it immediately.


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