Get Mystical Orbs for Treasure Map in Uncharted Fortune Hunter iPhone

Uncharted Fortune Hunter from PlayStation Mobile can be said as an original action-puzzle adventure game which is specially dedicated to the ios and android users

uncharted fortune hunter walkthrough ios android

Here, you will take a guide of Nathan Drake to go on a quest for treasures while trying to get solutions of over 200 deadly puzzle chambers
Make sure to use your smart ways in order not to get killed by some obstacles and traps during in your exploration on the quests

In the way of solving the puzzles, they will basically get you to hit switches and toggles, or shoot them from any spot you are standing so that you will find the configuration to collect the key and the various prizes there.

At the same time, you can also make an experiment with toggle patterns to get the way out to move forward.
In the middle of the round, you may need to change them one or more times to keep moving forward.

On the other side, you will have to beat the level by getting the treasure on the X within a certain amount of moves, in which you may have to get a key there
In the mean time, you may have to go back through and try it again to get the treasure
You can also apply this to collect a mystical orb

Moreover, with these mystical orbs, you can use them to get boosts to complete a tough level in the easy mode boost.
Always make sure to save up your orbs for tough levels only

Every level in this game will come along with a key move limit.
It means that you must complete the level without reaching above the limit to get a key which is handy to open Sully’s loot crates from now and then

After getting more keys, you can then set your push notifications which will notify you whenever some new loot has dropped during in your quest.
With only one key, you can use it to open each new treasure chest.

For further, completing the stages will be necessary where you may have to hit all the switches such as discs, boxes, moving platform, dart traps, and more.

At this point, you can rely on Drake’s journal to activate a switch or shoot a disc, which will make symbols appear on each mechanism involved, so that it will be easier to track what switch does what.
In other words, just activate everything and memorize the symbols are for.

Meanwhile, you can get more rewards by connecting your Playstation Network account or a Sony Entertainment Network account to this game on your phone

Then, by making a good progress in this game, you will be able to unlock exclusive new outfits and skins for the multiplayer mode in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End played on PlayStation
Just check what you need to do under the Rewards menu.
Plus, you can also get Relics in this game, then transfer it to Uncharted 4 with a PSN account as collectible items.


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