Get Multiplier to get High Score in Cube Jump iPhone

Cube Jump from Ketchapp can be included in a new endless Frogger type of game that has been made specially for the iOS and Android platforms.

cube junmp walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide a little cube to get as far as you can, and to score as many points as you can, while collecting other little cubes, the currency of the game.
These little cubes will be the main key to purchase even more cute characters to be brought in the game.

During the game, every platform has a different score value.
The wide platforms will grant you one point when you can jump on them.
The small square shaped platforms will earn you three points when you can jump on them.
And, the medium-size platforms will provide you two points when you can jump on them.

Based on this, jumping on the little platforms will be easy to rack up points fast.
For such reasons, just jump on the small platforms precisely to perfect your timing.
When jumping in little platforms, it will be far more difficult to land on than the big platforms

However, after you get the hang of them and you can land on them consistently, you will easily to jump and land in any other platform sizes such as the large and medium size platform

Along the way, you will be able to collect 100 cubes, that you can use to get a brand-new character.
If you want to collect 100 cubes extremely quickly, you can simply watch advertisement videos in exchange for the free cubes.

These ad videos will come up when you lose, in which you must play it online in order to get that offer available while you are playing

Once seeing that offer, just tap the button to start the video.
After watching the video, you will earn your cubes as reward.

Sometimes, you may see that the ad popping up on the screen while you are playing
In order to get rid of the ads, you can set your phone into an airplane mode
But, it is not recommended as the developed makes money from this ads through this game

Therefore, if you want to give your appreciation of someone`s works, you can merely the ad removal from iaps

In addition, this game will get you to reach score as high as you can
In accordance with this, if you jump extra fast between platforms, you can use a multiplier.

Then, just try to combine the multiplier with jumping on small and medium land forms to rack up your score.
With this multiplier, you will be able to gain high score in this game


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