Get More Tokens in Timelines Assault on America Full Version iPhone

Strategy First has presented its newest game, Timelines Assault on America as Real Time Strategy or RTS game which is set in a fictional WWII where you will go through 12 missions culminating in the battle for Washington D.C.

timelines assault on america walkthrough ios android

Here, you will also play online in 4 player co-op multiplayer where you can select between 9 playable countries namely USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, German, Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia

Playing this game will test your skills where the game will switch automatically to match your level in that green is easy, yellow is medium and red is hard.

When going into the battle, enemy mines are hidden and your units can only shoot the visible targets Once getting a hit from a mine you will know where the exploded mine is located.

Anyway, minefield will be important when preparing defensive lines from the direction where you can predict the attack is going to be launched.
It will be handy to repair units behind the main assault line to quickly mend and repair the damaged units.

On the other side, you should always maximize the visible area from the fog so that your cannons will be able to take full advantage of their power.
Place cannons to the defensive lines but get them out of sight to keep them safe from incoming attacks.

Always get the back up through the radio upgrade for all units so that the commander can help send orders onto the battlefield.

And be sure not to group the tanks closing each other, just spread them out to give them space to maneuver and shoot enemies standing in your way.

Sending infantry will be useful against other units which can not fire at them and you can use infantry in Aggressive mode as they will only stop fighting when attacked in this mode.
And, having heavy tanks will be vulnerable against infantry at long range.

Upgrade a vehicles front armor first then upgrade the Turn to attack upgrade as well.
Doing this will allow vehicles to rotate while attacking or defending and face the enemy from the strongest point of armor.

Always use automatic repairing is when you have a bigger army and you are entering into battles more frequent.
Besides, you have to upgrade the Minelayer unit to increase the effectiveness of the minefields.

You can also combine short visual range with long visual range units as it can fire on targets visible by friendly units too.
You can also try to maximize the visible territory because your units can only fire in these areas.

Later on, sending multiple units along the way will move all units as a group at the speed of the slowest unit so that they will arrive at the destination at the same time.
If you wan to make every selected unit stop moving, just tap on the Stop button.

In addition, playing in Single player mode will earn you 17 tokens on every campaign so that you can use them to upgrades your armor vehicles and soon.
Every time you do an upgrade, it costs 1 token.

Meanwhile, unused tokens can be carried over to the future missions.
And, when playing in multiplayer mode, you will be provided with a token every 40 seconds that you can use to upgrade your tanks and units.


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