Get More Strawberries for High Score in The Walking Pet iPhone

Ketchapp has a unique walking game called The Walking Pet which seems to be a frustration maker that you can taste on the iOS and Android platforms.

the walking pet walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to control a cat, trying to walk on its hind legs and try to get as far as possible, while gathering up strawberries for food in each stage

In this game, every tap you will make will make the cat walk and be sure to make the cat always stand up and walk on each stage for high score

Early on this game, the step will start well if the cat’s head is completely upright.
But, when you find the cat’s head is a little bit forward or backward, you will have to adjust the speed to keep the cat from falling down in a stage.

In line with this, you may watch out for the ramps, the tiny little blue things as well since they are a bit hard to make out at first steps

And, when the pet is on the left side of the ramp, just slow down your taps so that you can get your pet uphill without falling backwards.

In the mean time, on the right side of the ramp, try to speed up your taps to keep your pet from falling forwards.

Strawberries is a kind of the premium currency of this game to get new pets
You can get them for free by watching the advertisement video coming up on a stage.

Generally, you will get them during the walk
At this point, if your skill at walking your pet increases, you will not find the videos to be your main source of strawberries.

If you get new pet, you will find that they often have slightly different timing to keep them walking.
Playing with the chicken will get you to walk a little bit more slowly, as it takes longer steps and its head bobs back and forth
Sometimes, it can swing itself off balance at times when it steps on the platform.


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