Get More Rubies for Rare Heroes in Raid Brigade iPhone

Kongregate has recently presented Raid Brigade game on the App Store and Android market
In this game, you will guide heroes to fight against waves of enemies, completing missions and collecting rubies, the premium currency of this game

raid brigade walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you must learn the Power Attacks or Special attacks of your heroes
In line with this, you can stock them up at easy by filling up your meter to get 2-3 attacks, in which they will be pure gold against the final boss.

Use the power-attack, when dealing with a group of enemies in each stage
You can also hold onto your power attacks so that all your boss battles will be like walks in the park.

When playing with ranged hero, such as archer, you can run forward and start shooting enemies from far away to activate them.

Later on, you will be tasked to star up your heroes and items, whereby you will need two of the same kind heroes, such as uncommon one
Once getting them, you can combine them and they will star up.
Be sure both items or heroes meets the minimum level requirements to get starred up successfully.

Besides, you may need to get your Dark Archer to 2 Stars
Along the game, you must have 2 Dark Archers in 1 Star each and they meet level 10 as well.

Anyway, if you want to get your Dark Archer to 3 Stars, be sure to get 2 Dark Archers in 2 Star which will be level 20 in the game.
Note that the number of stars you can get will be based upon on rarity.
Thus, an Uncommon will be 2 stars, Rare will be 3 Stars, Epic will be 4 Stars, Legendary will be 5 Stars.

By starring up your heroes, they will get a nice boost in stats and a new passive ability that you can activate in the game to get a big bonus when dealing tough enemies.

On the other side, the game will take a specific formula like rock – paper – scissors mechanics
It means that one element does more damage to another, but one element will get more damage from a third one.

As an illustration, Fire beats Ice and Ice beats Arcane then Arcane beats Fire.
According to this, Light and Dark will also cause more damage to each other, in which they will cancel themselves out once equipment has come into play.

Meanwhile, specific items will also improve the stats or resistance numbers of your heroes.
In accordance with this, if you place a Fire item on a Fire Hero, this hero will increase their attack or resistance against Ice enemies
Remember that, it will be based on the item you equip for that hero
However, if you equip a Fire item to Ice or Arcane heroes, you will get no such boost.

In addition, this game is like rts where you have to focus on upgrading your buildings in your town
These buildings will eventually provide you the resources
So, be sure to stock up on resources and try increasing production by working on your town as well


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