Get More Revives for High Score in Try Harder iPhone

Try Harder from adult swim can be categorized into a new endless runner game, which you can play on both an iOS and Android devices.

try harder walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to run, jump and glide through a bunch of aesthetically pleasing death traps.
To deal with such kind of traps, you must time your jump and always focus on the distance between one obstacle to another

In the mean time, you will also be able to grab power-ups that you can use to avoid traps and last a few more precious seconds.
Every time, you can perform successful jump, be sure to check your score on the leaderboards and unlock hidden achievements from it.

To go through each obstacle, you can also use all of your different kind of jumps at the appropriate times, so that you can avoid all of the spikes and other obstacles in each stage.

In order to jump higher, just hold the screen then tap the screen gently to jump more softly.
When being in the middle of the jump, you can hold the screen to float slowly back down to the earth rather than falling back down to the earth at at time.

On the other side, you will have to revive at the end of a level from where you left off that you can do by watching promotional video rather than tapping the retry button.
In the mean time, you can do this especially for going on incoming long run.

Once getting them, you can use up all of your revives, whereby you will get more of them within five hours.
Anyway, if you do not want to wait five hours for the revives, you can skip the five hour timer by doing the time lapse trick

Here, just set the time ahead by five hours on your phone
Once getting your revives back, you can set the time to normal again

Meanwhile, you can look for the double jump circles, which are a little circle with an up arrow chevron inside of it when the path is a little bit crowded with spikes.

At this point, you can just jump again when tapping this circle whereby it will make you miss the spikes down on the ground so that you can run for a little bit longer.
Moreover, other little circles will sometimes provide you power ups.
At this time, you can simply tap the screen again in midair to use any one of them.

In addition, you can use all of your corpses to an advantage.
When your character dies in each stage, the board he is holding will be facing straight up
Later on, you can run on the board or bounce on it as a way to get around the spikes on the ground.
Thus, you can rely on it to get high score in this game
Also, be sure to focus on the distance between one trap to another next ones


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