Get More Power and Rewards in Punch Boxing 3D Android

Punch Boxing is a kind of sport fighting game that will pump up your adrenaline when fighting against the opponents in the ring

punch boxing 3d walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game is made in animation and stunning 3D graphics that will offer you the real boxing experience to your hand
With intuitive touchscreen control options, you can make jab, hook, and uppercut toward the opponent in natural and fun.

Along the game, you will battle with over 30 bone crushing boxers from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Montreal and Washington.
You can also get over 120 uniforms and equipment for your boxer to have different look in the ring

Thus, try to level up in gyms and prove your skills then use quick reflexes and special moves to deliver fierce punches and combos, then defeat all opponents and become the top boxer

To attack the opponent, you can use that touchscreen control options
Jut tap screen to do jab and slide right to unleash left hook and slide left to do right hook.
Tapping and holding the block button will block an attack from enemies.
To dodge the opponent`s attack, you can use the dodge button.
And when knocked down be sure to tap rapidly to get up right away then tap the clinch button to clinch.

During the battle, make sure to always pay attention to your red bar as this is your health, you will be knocked down when the bar is empty.
Besides, always look at your blue bar as your stamina, you must stop punching when the bar is low.
In the battle, your rage gauge will be replenished when you get hit.

On the other side, this game will occasionally give you some free stuffs that you can do by logging in the game daily.
In line with this, you can do the time lapse trick on your phone.

First, close Punch Boxing game by either restarting your phone or shutting it off from your task manager.
Then, change the time in advance for 1 day or above.
Afterward, you can open Punch Boxing game to get your daily rewards.

After getting your free rewards, make sure to set back the time and date at the current time and date by following these instructions
Open Punch Boxing game but do not even play one game.
Next, close the game by either restarting your phone
Now, you can go to settings and change the time and date to the current time and date.



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