Get More Points to Unlock Level 3 in Catch the Mask iPhone

Catch the Mask developed by Tigrido can be said as a new iOS game that is being popular on the top of the free download charts in the apple store recently.

catch the mask walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will see some different colors platform, where you will be tasked to catch the masks and score up more points to move onto the next level

Early on the game, the masks will begin dropping slowly, where you will easily track them and switch the colors of the catch platform.

Later on, they will speed up fast, where you must watch all parts of the screen, while tapping as needed in order not to catch the wrong color

Every time, you perform your action, you will get points
And, if you earn 25 points on it the first two platforms, you will go to the next level, which will be in three platforms

Then, try to get 50 points on this level to move to the next level, which will have four platforms, and so forth.

On the other side, this game will always show ads popping up on the screen while you are playing it
To solve this, you can simply set the phone into airplane mode before playing this game

Anyway, since the developer makes money form this ad, it will be better if you purchase the ad removal to appreciate their work

Playing this game will really test your tapping skills that you can learn and master by replaying an older stage
When you are doing so, you will rack up your score higher there.

Once mastering that level, you can now go to the newer stage which is along with more new platforms than the older one.


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