Get More Platinum Gold to Unlock New Heroes in Call of Champions iPhone

Spacetime Studios has launched MOBAs game called Call of Champions on the mobile markets, ios and android which seems to deliver high quality, intense gameplay and some really nice heroes with great skills and powers

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In this MOBA, you can fight against friends and strangers in the game online and unlock all champions to be your companion when dealing with tough enemies in the battlefield.

At first, you may consider to collect some free heroes by logging in the game daily
Plus, you can also test the free hero so that you will see which hero should be unlocked next for your collection.

In this game, you will get some heroes in five different roles such as tank, support, mage, fighter and assassin.

Every role herein must be played differently in the battlefield
For example if you play with a mage, you have to stay away from melee combat and try to attack your enemy and help your teammates from far.
Thus, playing based on the role will be the priority to win the battle easily

Besides, each hero in this game will be equipped with abilities or skills that can be used in battle, in which some abilities will deliver great effects if being used in a specific order.

When using each ability, be sure you know what it is for whereby if you use it randomly in battle it will not lead you to beat any foes when dealing them in the combat zone.

Early on the game, it will be better to go for the practice mode first where you can learn each hero`s abilities and to know which type of heroes you will play the best.

When practicing in the practice match, you will also get points to improve your heroes.
Once mastering each skill of hero you have played there, you can now go to play the versus or other modes.

During in the game, your team work will be the main reason to win the match
Along the game, it will highly be recommended to stick with your team and follow them wherever they move
Do not let your hero go solo for long period as he will be vulnerable to be ganked by the enemies heroes
For such reasons, just always getting closer to your teammates along the way.

Always consider to get back to the base in you are dying and get your self there first
Afterward, you can continue to go to the battle with full health, the whole set of power attacks, your skill ready to be used again.
With some extra boosts, you will be able to win the match at ease state

On the other side, you can also team up with your friends where you will be able to get into an active team with each of the roles selected smartly
If you can do it well, it will provide you Team Ranked dominance.

As usual, this game will feature the premium currency in form of platinum
In line with this, you may get your reward in form of platinum by winning each battle in the game

So, plan to pick the heroes based on your play style and be sure you can master them that will give a big chance to win each match in the game which will earn you more platinum as rewards


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