Get More Nuts to Unlock New Level in Stranded Mars One iPhone

Fishlabs has come to the apple store along with their newest game called Stranded: Mars One success
This game is about the journey to the planet, where you will be tasked to keep your astronaut alive for longer in that planet

stranded mars one walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to complete each mission for three star ratings.
You can also then go for multiplayer challenges to compete with your friends online.

During in your mission, you will be assigned to collect nuts scattered along the path which will be useful to upgrade your costume and get new suits

At this point, the Nuts or Oxygen tanks is your top priority to collect to continue to move from one environment to the next one
Always look around environment to where you move next and make a jump when it is necessary to leap to another environment

Make sure to watch on the routes in the game, since there is always more than one available route in which some will be easier than others.
Going through these routes will give you a chance to the three star rating.

Later on, you must consider to get some upgrades namely Oxygen, Jump and Life upgrade.
Be sure to upgrade them in such following order

Getting oxygen and jump upgraded will be extremely important to help you do a great run in the game
Then, upgrade the lives to go more moves in the stage

To examine of what you have performed in the game, you can play against your Ghost as you will know and learn what you did wrong and what you did extremely well so that you can rely on this circumstance to make new record of your jumps

On the other side, mastering the wall jumping will be really important to get the three stars in the stages.

In high fall areas, you can try to let your astronaut fall the distance and control it with the jetpack.

When you are about to do so, you must have all the oxygen tanks full
Meanwhile, you can go back to them if you miss them
You can do this by performing a couple wall jumps in that stage


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