Get More Gold Fish for Toys in Neko Atsume Kitty Collector iPhone

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector brought to you by Hit Point is the popular Japanese cat-collecting game that has now come to ios and android in English version.

neko atsume kitty collector walkthrough ios android

This game is made in a pretty simple concept where you will only feed and play with your cat
In the mean time, you will be assigned to collect as many cats as possible then start playing and feeding them.

To play with them, you will be given with a few toys which you can put out into your yard
Anyway, you will need silver fish and gold fish to get them.

With the specific of toys, they can attract a specific cat to be yours.
And, if you have more expensive toy bought with gold fish, you can get rare cat

In this game, all of the cats will eat any food which you put out there.
According to this, if you have more premium food, you will have more cats to show up.

Moreover, if you have more expensive food, you will have a higher chance of attracting rare cats coming to play with the expensive toys only.

On the other side, each time the cats come into play, they will often bring you gifts and leave them when they go away.

Often, they will bring more gifts if you forget to check the game awhile then check it after they have left.
In accordance with this, they will also come up in your cat diary
It is caused by you did not see them as you did not log on while they were there.

In order to make the cats show up early without having to wait for them, you can do the time lapse trick
At this point, all you will do is to set the time ahead on your phone
Also, you can also see them and get the gifts that they sent to you.
Afterwards, be sure to set the time back to normal

You can also get your gifts frequently by checking and playing the game in daily basis
Every gift here will be in form of silver fish or gold fish, which can be said as the currencies of the game.

For further, if you want to get gold fish for free, you will simply log in and play the game to get your gifts
With those currencies, you will be able to purchase more food and toys for you cats to show up and play for fun.

Meanwhile, you can also come back and take pictures of the cats when they are coming up.
Doing this is pretty simple as you will do is to tap and hold on the cat until the picture window shows up
At the same time, just tap the little camera icon appearing there.
Once doing so, the picture you have taken will automatically be saved to your cat diary album



  1. Don’t set your time ahead and then fix the time back. Even with wifi off the game will lock you out for the time you advanced to.
    It’s smart. Unless there’s some solution I’d take this off your tip list.

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