Get More Gold Coins for Rare Species in Dragon Story Country Picnic Android

Storm8 Studios has a dragon management game that is wrapped in Dragon Story Country Picnic that you can play mainly on the android platform

dragon story country picnic walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to hatch, raise, and breed over 400 Dragons on magical fantasy islands
Besides, you will also have to raise a village of dragons and breed them from cute babies to epic adults then combine them to hatch new species that will be rare ultra dragons

Later on, you can then bring your dragon into Tournaments to win awesome prizes and get new dragon eggs, habitats and decorations through monthly World Events with bonus community prizes

Before going to battle with other dragons, be sure to feed them with magical food on farms then watch them grow and evolve through 4 unique stages!
You ca also decorate your islands with colorful habitats, castle towers, flowers, and more accessories

In this game, all dragons come from eggs and you need a Nest to hatch them on your islands.
To get and hatch a new dragon egg, just tap on the Market and tap on Dragons there.
Then, just select the dragon you want
Afterward, tap an empty nest on your island to put the egg in.
Later on, when the egg is ready, just it to see your new baby dragon to be put into a habitat to live in

When building habitats, different dragons need different environments to grow.
Every dragon will come along with one or more colors represented by colored gems under a dragon
In line with this, habitats also have colors whereby you merely match the dragon to a habitat with the same color when moving it out of the nest.

As an illustration, if A Fire Dragon is red, it can only live in a Red Rocks or Big Red Rocks habitat.
And, if A Forest Dragon is green, it can only live in a Green Grove or Big Green Grove habitat only.

Anyway, some of them will have more than one color.
You can see it like a Life Dragon which has both red and green colors of gems next to it.
At this point, you can put a Life Dragon into a Red Rocks habitat or a Green Grove habitat.

When you are about to build a new habitat, just tap on the Market and tap on Habitats.
There, you can select the habitat that you want.
Be sure to rely on the color you need to put each dragon with the same color with its habitat.

Then, you can drag the habitat to where you want to place it.
After, a dragon is placed in a habitat, just check on that dragon by tapping your habitat
In the mean time, just tap the dragon’s picture from among the buttons on the bottom to be put into its habitat based on the color or the dragon.

For further, you must feed your dragon regularly to grow them up and ready to battle with the other dragon in tournament

Form the tournament, you will be able to collect gold coins from it
Every time, you can win the match you will be granted with a bunch of gold coins that will be useful to purchase new eggs for the market
From these new eggs, you can breed them to be rare ones that will be rare species that will come to high price


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