Get More Gems to Unlock New Characters in Skippy Box iPhone

Skippy Box from ASAB MOBILE, LLC can be included into a new endless bouncing game that you can play on the iOS and Android phones

skippy box walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is tap to bounce from one platform to another while gathering up gems as much as you can
With those gems, you can then unlock all the characters

In other words, you will be tasked to accomplish your mission that is to skip from box to box using both short jumps and long jumps.
Your mission here is to get high score, collect gems, then use them to get new character

When performing your action, just tap on the right side of the screen to do the long jump
In the mean time, you can then tap the right side of the screen to do the short jump.

Just do the long jump where you are dealing with a platform 2 spaces away from you.
Every time, you do long jump successfully you are granted with two points
Doing so will allow you to get you away from the saw on the screen

In this game, you can get more gems by watching the ad video.
After watching the ad video, you will get the ten gems for free
For further, if you want to get more gems, just watch the video as many times as you want

Besides, you can also collect more gems by completing the various achievements available on this game.
At this point, when you get a 50 score, you will get five free gems
Then, if you can get a 300 score you will get 20 gems.
Plus, you will get three bonuses from a total number of jumps
For such reasons, if you want to get those gems fast, try to do more short jumps in the game


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