Get More Gems for Rare Cards in Pokemon Pocket Master Saga iPhone

If you are a fan of Pokemon game on mobile, you may have known that Pocket Master Saga has just launched on the App Store, which brings Pokemon style designed for mobile platforms

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This game will get you to train your starter Pokemon before all others
Early on the game, you will get the starting monster to play for a while.

Later on, you will have to strengthen them by training them up so that they can learn support abilities to help you do in battle.

In line with this, battles will be pretty easy early on the game, but the difficulty does ramp up pretty quickly.

In line with this, you must try to figure out what pet abilities you have unlocked or you must do an experiment with them to develop some combos when fighting against enemies in the battle.

At this point, you can then use a good combo to play rage cards just before another special attack from the same pet.

Furthermore, you can then play any cards dealing damage to rows of enemies at a time.
Always consider to level up your pets as high as you can

Anyway, you will not be able to level up any monsters above your player level
For such reasons, be sure to keep your pets close to your level, but not too close so that you can avoid wasting experience to level them up.

As usual, this game will feature coins and gems as the main currencies
You will often collect coins when you get involved in the battle with enemies
And, you may be rewarded with gems once you can complete each level and beat all enemies there


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