Get More Gems for New Weapons in Max Ammo iPhone

Max Ammo is a kind of fps game which will make you keep playing until you have completed all missions in the game
This game seems to be made for the ios and android platforms

max ammo walkthrough ios android

To play this game will get you to guide your soldier either by tapping or swiping on the screen
Meanwhile, you will also be asked to always keep on moving fast especially for the single player campaign.

If you can master that campaign, you will be ready for the challenges in the tournaments
Besides, you will also learn how to do things at the fastest possible speed.

During in your action, you will merely swipe to move from cover to cover, while taking out enemies and running to get safe spot as fast as you can.
In the mean time, you will also have to learn to switch weapons while running

Sometimes, you may need to retreat, when you are dealing with some enemies rushing into you
Or, you have to go back if you see a missile to hit the red area near you.
Besides, taking the step back and regroup will be handy to recharge your shield and then keep on going.

If you shoot your weapon more often, you may get your weapons to get hot relatively fast
So, it will be better to switch them during combat

When getting involved in the gun battle, be sure to take your priority on the enemies rushing into you first
In line with this, the dogs and Kamikaze monsters will actually ignore your shield if they attack you from close range
For such reasons, you must try to take them out first with your rifle.

On the other hand, you may get some enemies to be teleported in indicated a light appearing before them.
Too deal with them, you can get ahead of things and tap the light to make your character shoot at the enemies when they come out at a time

As usual, this game will feature gems as the premium currency of this game
In order to earn such currency, you will have to complete the Contracts
Plus, do not forget to complete all Daily Missions

Completing such contracts will give you some money in form of gems
With enough gems you have collected form there, you can get new weapons and upgrade your equipment

Anyway, completing the Daily Missions will earn you incredible goodies
In accordance with this, just focus on them to get your character in top shape.
Be sure to get better stats of your weapons and armor, so that you can perform better in the Campaign and the Tournament mode

Always take a note to improve your stats and equipment before going to join the Tournament
Besides, you can test to play 5 games to get your first box
Here, you must try to win the game to improve your stats that will guide you to play in a tournament for collecting better loot


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